Boundless Technology vaporizers

“Boundless Technology provides an escape from traditional combustion methods by offering the latest in aromatherapy technology.” Randall E. – Owner

Started in November 2015, the Boundless vaporizers is definitely the newest vaporizer maker who made a grand entrance. Releasing 6 fully 100% convection vaporizers, the Boundless technology came out brave like Will (Stranger Things) who told the Demogorgon to go away.

The Canadian vaporizer maker does not only focus on producing high quality vaporizers, they have a goal of spreading the awareness of aromatherapy benefits without combustion. Unlike other company, the Boundless Technology continues their relationship with their customer or fans by  interacting with them through live streams on social platforms like Facebook or YouTube Channel few times a week.

You may check the Boundless Technology official website to get more informations or take a sneak peek of their coming products.