Aerospaced by Higherstandards 4-Piece Toothless Grinder

Aerospaced by Higherstandards 4-Piece Toothless Grinder

The Aerospaced by Higherstandards 4-Piece Toothless Grinder is a setup with a unique toothless blade design, a magnetic lid, and a micron screen. While its magnetic lid snaps into place and prevents spills, the grinder’s chambers provide adequate storage when you are on the move.


Aerospaced by Higherstandards 4-Piece Toothless Grinder was designed to slice, dice, and shred your dry herb to a fluffy, airy, and fine consistency.

It is an ideal accompaniment to your favorite vaporizer, joint, blunt, or bowl.

Sharp blades instead of teeth

A line of new-age grinders, the Toothless Grinder features sharp blades instead of teeth that finely dice and slice your herb to the right consistency. This toothless grinding produces a fluffy, airy grind.

Practical and crafty

The Toothless Grinders are four-piece setups of sturdy yet lightweight aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum. The device is designed with practicality and craftsmanship and should stay scratch-free thanks to its corrosion-resistant aluminum finish.

The robust magnetic lid snaps quickly into place and protects your herb from accidental spills. Equipped with a pollen catcher to catch the tiniest specks, you won’t waste a shred of herb anymore.

Elevate your grinding rituals

A must-have cannabis accessory, there is no greater feeling than hitting a blunt, bowl, or vaporizer with the perfect grind.

Available in a compact size of two inches and four eye-catching colors of Black, Blue, Green, and Silver, the Toothless Grinder will elevate your grinding rituals.

Aerospaced by Higherstandards 4-Piece Toothless Grinder Video

Watch this video and look at the new age line of Toothless Grinders from Aerospaced by Higher Standards.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinder

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  • Brand / ManufacturerHigher Standards
  • Size:50mm
  • Pieces/Parts:4

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