Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 (Solo II) is a product that results from engineers focusing on the one thing that matters in a portable vaporizer: high-quality vapor. The outer shell features a simple design, but inside it is best-in-class. Arizer focused its efforts on creating a powerful vape with a relatively long-lasting battery compared to most other vapes. The Solo 2 may not win you any style awards, but you will know the difference when you taste the vapor.

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Most people who bought an Arizer Solo, back in 2013, are still using it. Arizer created a brand new version of the OG Solo with even more features likely to last just as long. They have increased the heat up time, and, thanks to a more powerful heater, the Solo 2 can reach 200°C in 30 seconds. They’ve included a customizable auto shut-off feature that will allow up to 15 minutes of inactivity. Not only that but this bad boy can be attached to an Arizer brand water tool to provide an even cooler vapor. It even comes with a nifty carrying case for your other Aroma tubes.

The freshest of vapor
When you promise your fans the freshest of vapor, and Arizer does just that, you have to start with a complete non-toxic airflow construction. The Solo 2 has that covered. They’ve ensured that every surface your material touches is composed of 100% borosilicate glass. The all-glass air system is taken directly from the Solo Original. Arizer has also decided to continue using its signature “aroma tubes.” These portable canisters hold your material and are inserted directly into the device. It will allow you to carry your tubes around all day for future use.

The new Solo
So what exactly stands out about the Solo 2 when compared to the original? It all starts with the new LCD screen. Arizer upgraded the simple LED display found on the original Solo. This new display allows you to control your temperature in high fidelity. It also contains menus for all of the device’s customizable functions that you will inevitably become curious enough to adjust. They’ve also improved the engine that powers the device. Right off the top, the Solo 2 can get about ten degrees hotter than its predecessor. The real selling point is that the Solo 2 can reach its desired temperature setting three times as fast as the Solo Original. Aesthetically the Solo 2 got quite an update as well.

Powerful battery performance
The engine, vapor path, and design mean nothing unless you pack a great battery to go along with them. So, Arizer stuffed an industry-leading lithium-ion battery into this new device, immediately noticing the difference. The Solo 2 can quickly reach temperatures in the range of 50°C to 200°C. Not only is the temperature control stellar, but you can also expect your device to last for three hours. You read that correctly. That means the battery life for the Solo has doubled with the new iteration, along with the faster heat up. Thanks to the new screen, you can monitor every aspect of your device from the display (including your battery life).

Don’t Call It a Sequel
Many aspects of the Solo 2 will remind you of the original. For instance, they’ve used the same stainless steel oven found in the Solo Original. The same goes for the ceramic heating element. These features practically guarantee a long life when combined with the outstanding Arizer manufacturing quality. However, this is not merely a carbon copy of the original. Solo 2 is a complete evolution of that design philosophy. The airflow system has improved to provide some of the easiest-to-draw vapor of any Arizer product. They’ve also moved the charging port to the side to allow users to vaporize while the device is connected. Everything about this new design makes it a pleasure to use.

Arizer Solo 2 Video

Enjoy the dulcet tones of the “Mr. Rogers” of vaporizer reviews and check out the new features of the Solo 2 that come from one of the real powerhouses of the industry, Arizer.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer
  • 2x Aroma Tubes (90mm and 110mm)
  • 1x Carrying Case
  • 1x Rubber Aroma Tube Caps
  • 1x Stirring Tool
  • 1x Micro Heater
  • 4x Filters
  • 1x Aroma Dish

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