G Pen Dash

The G Pen Dash is a simple one-button vaporizer that can hold up to ¼ grams of dry material. Made in the USA, the device has a sturdy and stylish black aluminum alloy exterior, matching the rest of black G Pen devices like the G Pen Connect or the G Pen Elite. The conduction vaporizer has an easy-to-clean stainless steel chamber and LED lights instead of a screen to indicate the temperature settings and the battery level. Besides, this vaporizer supports pass-through charging, allowing you to vape while it charges.


G Pen is notorious for their simple to use vaporizers, the G Pen Dash is a very discreet device due to its size. It has a detachable magnetic mouthpiece, and underneath it, you can access the stainless steel chamber. Meanwhile, the stainless steel chamber is easier to clean than regular ceramic ovens, with no yellow/brownish discoloration over time too. Overall, this vape pen is easy to charge, simple to clean, and is uber portable.

The G Pen Dash is a perfect device for someone who values simplicity and discreet sessions. Measuring 9.2 cm tall, you can easily conceal it in your palms, and it has haptic feedback to notify you when the vapor is ready. Also, because the mouthpiece is magnetic, it’s easy to take off, and it’s just as seamless to lock back in place. There’s an integrated airpath built into the mouthpiece, which has a screen to prevent stray materials from reaching your mouth/throat. You can remove this screen and silicon insert for deep cleaning. Plus, the tiny holes on the device introduces more airflow for an evenly vaporized material and a smooth draw.

Battery life
Powered by a 950mAh battery, the device is suitable for a personal session and light sharing. During activation, the LEDs will blink and show battery percentage. The three LED lights will blink when the battery life is between 80 and 100%. Two lights will flash at 60 to 66%, and one light will blink when the battery life is down to 30 to 33%.

Hot chamber
Some herbal vaporizers have a plain stainless steel heating chamber, but the Dash has it lined with glass. The glass lining provides a smooth surface and may contribute to a more natural cleanup while providing a gentler heat up. Meanwhile, the chamber design gives you a better experience to fill up the vape.

The device has only one button, press five times to switch on/off, three times to set temperature, and you can cancel the heat up as you press and hold the button for 2 seconds. Heats up within 50 seconds, your vape can reach the desired temperature faster if you put on lower settings. Each setting is color-coded as follows:

  • Blue: 190°C (374°F)
  • Green: 205°C (401°F)
  • Red: 220°C (428°F)

G Pen Dash Video

This video explains how to work, use, and clean the G Pen Dash.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x G Pen Dash Vaporizer
  • 1x G Pen Tool With Keychain
  • 1x USB Charging Cable

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