Ispire Daab

Ispire Daab

In a quest to deliver the perfect hit, Ispire’s Daab is a neat electronic dab rig that’s a game-changer for dab enthusiasts. This futuristic, all-in-one e-rig promises a dab experience that is precise, temperature-controlled and terpene-rich. Whether you enjoy cold start dabs, fluffy clouds or high-temperature hits, this handheld device is always dab-ready. With fireless heating at temperatures ranging from 250-800°F, USB-C charging and full temperature control, its science is a work of art. Packed in a sweet carrying case, it’s fully loaded with a slew of accessories; including two concentrate cups, a branded dab tool, silicon rings and an impressive glass carb cap. Plus a handy dab mat with instructions. A thoughtful finishing touch.

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