Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock

Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock

Introducing the Power Dock, the ultimate companion for your Puffco Peak Pro. Charge your Peak Pro wirelessly when you need a quick recharge or connect it with the cable for 3 hours to have a power-packed two full charges. Stylish and portable, it is easy to carry with you while also doubling up as a sleek power dock and home base for your vaporizer in your living room. With a nifty Bluetooth app, you can unlock ‘Ready-Mode’ which lets you dab without even clicking a button. With wireless charging and a USB port, the Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock is the one-stop charging solution for your vaporizer. Here’s the kicker, it works as a portable battery and can charge your phone too! An ingenious accessory by Puffco, this intuitive power bank is designed to fit seamlessly into your concentrate experience.

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