The Terpometer

The Terpometer

Say goodbye to over-heating or scorching your extracts; this device is a handy thermometer and dabbing tool, all rolled into one. A nifty gadget for pro dabbers, The Terpometer doesn’t just measure the exact temperature of your nail, it also helps you gauge the right time to load your extracts, and makes sure you hit the dab at the right time for terpene-rich flavor and optimal effects. In just three clicks.


Every dab enthusiast has struggled with nailing the right temperature for different concentrates. Too much heat and it’s lost in smoke, too little and you’ve wasted a good hit. If this sounds familiar, The Terpometer is for you.

The world’s first dabbing thermometer
A tech-savvy thermometer for dabbing concentrates, The Terpometer understands the struggles dabbers go through to find the precise temperature for extracts. The device is simple and straightforward to use and will help you get the most out of your concentrates, be it wax, shatter, oil or resin. Once it’s on, click the power button three times. Simply touch the end of the device against a glass, quartz, or titanium heated nail and the device will display the exact temperature in a snap. You won’t have to second guess the temperature of your nail, ever again!

Throw out your timers and infrared temp guns
Since dabbing requires precise, near-perfect temperatures, The Terpometer is a must-have accessory in your dab collection. If you’re still using a phone timer, temperature gun, or even your finger to gauge the right time to load your extracts, buy this instead. The LCD display is bright and displays the temperature clearly in both, Celsius and Fahrenheit. Here’s the best part, while an infrared thermometer only shows you the temperature, this gizmo will also tell you when you’ve hit the sweet spot.

Once the screen lights up green, it’s go-time
If you don’t have too much knowledge about dabbing temperatures and can’t do the math, its patented color-coded RGB light-up system will suggest the ideal time to dab for optimal effects and flavor. If the concentrate or extract is at an optimal temperature, the display lights up green to let you know that it’s ready to rip.  If you prefer a hotter hit, you can fire it up to red, or mellow it down to blue for lower temperatures. Its precision will make sure you partake in the most potent hits without any wasted material.

Super versatile and compatible
Practical, functional, and compatible with all surfaces, your dabbing sessions are about to get a lot tighter. The device’s conduction works with any quartz, ceramic, and titanium surface. Additionally, no matter what type of concentrate you prefer (wax, oil, shatter), or what materials make up your dab kit (glass, silicone), the Terpometer will give you a precise temperature reading every time.

Doubles up as a dabber
Here’s a bonus: The Terpometer conveniently doubles up as a dabbing tool! While one end will precisely read the temperature of your rig, switch it around, and use it as a dabber for your concentrate. Thoughtfully designed with a sleek appearance, it’s effortless to use. With a micro USB charger, a battery run time of 300+ hours, a cool LED Display, and sophisticated packaging; this one’s a keeper.

The Terpometer Video

Check out this video to see the features of the Terpometer and how to use it.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x The Terpometer
  • 1x USB Charger

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