DynaVap VapCap M

The VapCap M by DynaVap is a herbal and resin vaporizer. Slightly different from its predecessor VapCap Original, it is made of Stainless steel instead of glass. The 9.2 cm long vaporizer is a nonelectrical vaporizer and requires flame as a heat source. Once the vapor is ready, a click sound is hearable by the built-in temperature indicator.

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The original VapCap stunned the world with its unique temperature-sensing cap and the shockingly dense vapor. The M can do everything that the original could with a few more features. VapCaps are pen-like herb and resin vaporizers that are heated using an outside source of energy, like a flame or a butane torch. This way of heating the chamber gives the user complete flexibility.

Smallest Ever?
DynaVap designed the VapCap series in the United States, usually a good sign for craftsmanship. Ever since they released the first VapCap, their renown has grown with each new device sold. They claim that VapCap M is the smallest vaporizer ever created. They designed the VapCap series to be the cutting edge of “battery-free” vaping and have followed suit with a great product. You can now get dense, flavorful vapor that fits into the palm of your hand.

Modular Design
If you didn’t think the VapCap M was a steal before, wait until you hear about the possibilities of upgrade afforded by the modular quality of its construction. DynaVap has ensured that the M is compatible with just about every accessory that they offer already, as well as in the future. It’s possible to replace the tip, the cap, and the mouthpiece with different materials and specialized utilities. The included cap is already quite impressive as it can sense when the M has reached vaporizing temperature and produce an audible warning. This feature is unique to the VapCap series and improves the user’s ability to avoid combustion. Once the vaporizer cools down enough to need more heat, a second “click” will take place. The engineers over at DynaVap tackled a problem that plagues most battery-less vaporizers with some ingenious ideas. Now, it’s impossible to burn your herbs or resins without doing it on purpose.

Fire it up
One of the great benefits to going without a battery is the complete control you have over the vapor that comes out of your device. With most vaporizers, the battery settings are generally set in stone. Not only that, but they require daily recharges and specialized care to maintain them over time. The VapCap M could function in the stone ages; all you need is fire. Even a flaming stick found at a campfire would do the job. However, you’re not going to want to do that regularly. For daily use, a butane torch is going to be your best bet. That will get the cap clicking in about three seconds. A regular lighter is capable of doing the trick in about ten seconds.

VapCap M video

The gentleman at Vapelife X takes the VapCap M for a ride and comes back with a rave review. This video is incredibly useful in understanding what DynaVap means by “modular design.” He even shows you some methods for cleaning the M that will keep it in great shape for some time.

What’s in the Box

  • 1x VapCap M Vaporizer
  • 1x Stainless Steel Tip
  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Stainless Steel Cap
  • 1x Airtight Storage Container


It is for sure that VapCap M is a different kind of device. The vapor that comes out of it is unique. It’s quite possibly the closest you can get to combustion without actually inhaling harmful chemicals. Moreover, the hits are very similar to what you would get from a handheld pipe. For an outdoorsman, it’s a very appealing solution to the lack of electricity in the woods. All you have to do is pack this and your favorite material into your bag and go. Fire, at this point in history, is likely eminently available anywhere you go. For that, the VapCap M gets top marks in both portability, performance, and looks. It’s a different kind of vaporizer, and that’s a good thing.

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