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Vaponic Plus

Last update: January 23, 2019
Vaponic Plus
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If you’re the type to demand sustainability and versatility from the products you purchase and consume, the Vaponic Plus vaporizer is a great option. This vaporizer is composed entirely of wood and glass and is manufactured with high precision and care. The Vaponic Plus is heated externally, guaranteeing that you don’t have to rely on the grid to keep you from enjoying your favorite herbs and concentrates. Vaponic wants to bring you “more nature, more safety, and more style” and they do just that with the iconic Vaponic Plus.


First, there was the original Vaponic, which was a small glass device that looked similar to an old-fashioned mercury thermometer. Vaponic provided a carrying case fashioned like a magic marker and utilized a patented “double airstream” vaporizing system. Now, the Plus takes that classic design and improves upon it, focusing on convenience and reliability. With any device, this small, stealth is the essential feature. The Vaponic Plus is wrapped in a new wooden outer shell, accented with anodized aluminum. Everything about the design and operation is designed to limit any ecological impact its production could have, and as such, it is a favorite amongst conservationists and environmentalists.

Organic Construction
Along with a tiny ecological footprint, the Vaponic plus is constructed entirely without the use of plastic or toxin-producing materials. Other than being celebrated for sustainability, this also means that you won’t be inhaling any toxic fumes while you enjoy your herbal inventory. It is handmade in Europe, ensuring every Vaponic Plus will be built to rigorous standards while still possessing the homemade touch missing in some of the more popular plastic vaporizers. A simple construction aids its practicality. The Vaponic Plus is just two connected glass pieces and the outer shell. Meaning, it is effortless to clean, requiring a simple soak in alcohol to keep your Plus shining like new.

Born in Flame
The unique aspect of being a Vaponic Plus owner is the necessity of using an exterior heat source. It may not appeal to everybody, but to those willing to forego the electric option; this device will work as long as you have a flame (preferably a butane torch). Other than adding to the Plus’ versatility, the old fashioned way also keeps your vapor free from any toxins released by electronics.

Made with Care
Vaponic has always been known for their simple construction and revolutionary design. So, when they decided to update the device, they had to make sure the following. That their customers knew they hadn’t abandoned their natural design philosophy. The change that brought the most praise was the European beech wood case. It makes the Plus look like a modest and stylish vape pen at first glance and adds a new level of luxury to the product. Vaponic produced in Europe under “fair working conditions with a minimized ecological footprint.” Vaponic is committed to maximum detail at every level.

Versatility Defined
The most significant selling point of the Vaponic Plus is its ability to fit into any situation. If you prefer concentrates to dry herbs, there’s a method for you. If you want to go on a long trip, away from the comforts of civilization, the Vaponic Plus means that you don’t have to leave everything behind. The only real caveat is that it doesn’t work as well in a group setting. Due to the slight difficulty in reloading material, it can become cumbersome to attend to large groups. Also, the device can become hot over time, primarily when used in quick succession. However, for a solo vapor enthusiast, it is simplicity defined.

Vaponic Plus video

Take a look at the Vaponic Plus, noting its incredible versatile organic wooden construction. The vaporizer possesses a discreet look with an impressively high potency vapor. Check out the tutorial video to find out how to use the Vaponic Plus.


Thanks to the dual air stream, included from the original Vaponic, your flame will never even touch your vapor. Because of its atypical construction, it can be initially difficult to get the most vapor out of your materials, but following these tips can be helpful:

  1. Priming is important. The first hit will not be the densest but will heat the tip for further use.
  2. The 2nd through 5th hits will have the most vapor, enjoy!
  3. Be sure to rotate the flame around the tip to evenly vaporizer your materials.
  4. Once finished vaping, be careful to mind the tip as it will be very hot. The Plus features a wooden cap, so just putting the cap on will solve the problem.

What’s In the Box?

  • 1x Vaponic Plus
  • 1x Cleaning Tool
  • 3x Screens


The Vaponic Plus is less of a vaporizer and more of a lifestyle choice. When it comes to portable vaporizers, there are a few schools of thought: the Plus prescribes to the Magic Flight Launch Box philosophy of natural sustainability at the cost of top-of-the-line features. But, the real plus of these devices lies in their portability and stealth in the face of a litany of different circumstances. Bring your lighter, but be prepared for the cleanest, most natural vaporizer available on today’s market.

Vaponic Vaporizer
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