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Pen Vaporizer Reviews & Price Comparisons

We offer you price comparisons of all common pen vaporizers in lots of online shops. You can use either our price filters or simply explore the whole product list.

AirVape OM

The AirVape OM is a concentrate vaporizer measuring 10.92 cm tall with 1.27 cm width. ...

Atmos Boss

Atmos Boss is a heavy duty vaporizer pen explicitly designed for dried herbs. The vaporizer ...

Atmos Dart

The Atmos Dart is an e-liquid and wax vaporizing pen. It features two advance cartridges; ...

Atmos Jump

If you are looking for a sleek and portable vaping pen for your dried herbs, ...

from C$ 74.39
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Black Mamba Vaporizer

Black Mamba


The Black Mamba is a sleek and futuristic looking herbal vaporizer that uses the conduction ...

from C$ 61.74
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Boundless CF-710

The Boundless CF-710 is a specialized device made only for vaping wax or oils. When ...

Dr. Dabber Aura / Aurora

The Aura by Dr. Dabber is also known as Aurora. The vaporizer comes with three ...

from C$ 92.15
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Dr. Dabber Ghost

The Dr. Dabber team describes itself with the slogan “High Class, Low Profile.” That is ...

from C$ 46.55
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Dr. Dabber Light

With the Dr. Dabber Light, you can vaporize wax and oil. The heating chamber features ...

from C$ 45.49
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DynaVap VapCap M


The VapCap M by DynaVap is a herbal and resin vaporizer. Slightly different from its ...

from C$ 84.99
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Evolve Plus

Measuring 12 cm tall, the Evolve Plus vaporizer is a larger and newer version of ...

from C$ 36.95
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Flowermate Pure Hit

Have you ever been using a portable vaporizer and thought, “I wish there were some ...

Flowermate Slick


The new Slick is the smallest vaporizer from the Flowermate family. You can enjoy not ...

from C$ 99.00
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The Focusvape is a herbal pen vaporizer featuring a large ceramic heating element. Powered by ...

from C$ 84.99
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Focusvape Pro


The Focusvape Pro is the flexible version of the Focusvape vaporizer. Featuring one-degree increment from ...

Focusvape Pro S


The Focusvape Pro S is a large chambered dry herbs vaporizer capable of holding 0.4g ...

FocusVape Tourist

Innovative and unique: the Focusvape Tourist is one of the first vaporizers with 2 in ...

from C$ 199.00
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G Pen Pro


The G Pen Pro is one of the latest addition of the G-Pen series in ...

from C$ 63.20
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G Pen Wax Vaporizer

The G Pen Pro is one of the latest addition of the G-Pen series in ...

from C$ 42.46
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G Pro Vaporizer

What’s not to love with the G Pro? It heats quickly, operates on a rechargeable ...

from C$ 111.59
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Grasshopper Vaporizer

The Grasshopper is one of the most discreet herbal vaporizers on the entire market. Now ...

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen

The Honey Dab Pen is a wax vaporizer made in Canada by the Grizzly Originals. ...

KandyPens Crystal

The KandyPens CRYSTAL is a premium vape pen that can only be used with concentrates, ...

from C$ 143.96
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KandyPens Donuts

The KandyPens Donuts is a concentrate vaporizer that is also suitable for oils, waxes, and ...

from C$ 42.49
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KandyPens Flocko Jodye

The famous rapper A$AP Rocky designed the limited edition pen vaporizer. The Flocko Jodye features ...

from C$ 101.99
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Kandypens Galaxy

The KandyPens Galaxy is beautiful to look at. But, as with most things in life, ...

from C$ 84.55
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KandyPens Gravity

A vape pen comes in many shapes and sizes, but the Kandypens Gravity stands alone ...

from C$ 101.99
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KandyPens Prism

The Prism vaporizer is the "Next-Generation Sub-Ohm Essential Oil Vaporizer," quoted from KandyPens. Featuring dual ...

Linx Ares

At first glance, Linx Ares may be mistaken with the Grasshopper vaporizer. It is constructed ...

from C$ 132.05
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Linx Hypnos Zero

The Hypnos Zero is the newest technology from the LA-based vaporizer manufacturer: Linx. Even though ...

from C$ 69.99
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NonaVonG XLS


The NonaVonG XLS is another version of the regular VapCap NonaVonG, you might have known ...

O.penVAPE Fill It Yourself Kit

The O.penVAPE Fill It Yourself Kit is a perfect kit for customization of materials to ...

from C$ 65.09
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Pinnacle Pro

Pinnacle Pro is a wax, oil and herbal vaporizer from VaporBLUNT. It is considered as ...

Puffco Plus

With the Puffco Plus you can enjoy high quality concentrated materials and oils. Similar to ...

from C$ 95.00
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Puffco Pro 2

Stylish design, excellent quality: The Puffco Pro 2 is a vaporizer with a high price-performance ...

from C$ 74.77
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Shatterizer vaporizer

Developed by vaporizing connoisseurs, the Shatterizer vaporizer is as straightforward as its name. The vaporizer ...

Storm Vaporizer


A recent trend has developed in the industry of portable vaporizers: using input from vaporizer ...

from C$ 132.84
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Torch 2 Vaporizer

Compact, inventive and straightforward: The Torch 2 comes with all the features which are essential ...

Torrch Mini

The Torrch Mini is a portable dabbing vaporizer, suitable for thick and waxy concentrates. Produced ...

VapCap NonaVong


The VapCap NonaVonG is a herbal and oil vaporizer with a built-in taper on the ...

from C$ 117.91
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DynaVap OmniVap

VapCap OmniVap


The VapCap OmniVap is a herbal and resin vaporizer. Being one of the most expensive ...

from C$ 282.10
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VapCap OmniVonG


The  VapCap OmniVonG is one of the most sought-after VapCap vaporizer variation by DynaVap. Combining ...

from C$ 246.27
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VapCap Original

The VapCap Original is a herbal vaporizer with the size of a cigarette. The simple ...

from C$ 58.21
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Vaponic Plus


If you’re the type to demand sustainability and versatility from the products you purchase and ...

from C$ 117.91
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Vaponic Vaporizer


Vaponic is perfect for the teachers or student. The vaporizer made of high-quality borosilicate glass, ...

from C$ 43.28
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VaporGenie Aluminum Bat

The VaporGenie Aluminum Bat is not an electronic unit, as it uses a lighter or ...

from C$ 73.14
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XMAX would like to introduce you to the little brother of their stellar budget vape ...

Yocan Evolve Vaporizer

The Evolve vaporizer from Yocan is an affordable vaporizer with functionality in mind. It features ...

from C$ 41.84
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Yocan iShred

The iShred vaporizer by Yocan is a multifunctional herbal vaporizer utilizing a ceramic heating chamber. ...